B&K Structures: “Why is BIM so crucial to transforming the industry?”

Credit: B&K Structures
Credit: B&K Structures

The Managing Director of frame and envelope contractor B&K Structures has discussed how BIM has enabled his company to “to deliver projects with heightened quality”, and he is “eager to see the industry take this advanced method of construction to the next level” and engage in the collaboration “that our industry is calling out for”.

Nick Milestone lists quantification, linking off-site technologies with construction practices and increased collaboration as major positives as to why BIM should be utilised. He stated: “In terms of procurement, BIM is a powerful tool that allows construction companies to quantify the requirements of their projects.

“It is essential that BIM is used in the early design stages of a project to ensure that there is capacity to not only clearly identify the elements of the project but through the use of BIM, companies are able to anticipate when they need to procure any given material or element.”

Milestone believes that scepticism should be ignored as he has seen that BIM’s influence has mostly been positive: “There seems to be a strong theme of companies claiming that there is a crucial lack of training in this area and that it is too costly and time consuming to invest in, particularly for SMEs.

“Despite these claims the overall acceptance that BIM has gained still seems particularly prominent. From my experience, the general consensus from our industry implies that the growing integration of BIM will have a positive effect.”

Read all of Milestone’s thoughts here.

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