bimstore US’ Adam Thomas: “The ability to leverage content in the proper way”, not the content itself, is a competitive advantage

Credit: RTCBCS
Credit: RTCBCS

A Partner of bimstore US has blogged about his experiences at the inaugural Revit Technology Conference – Building Content Summit held in Washington, United States.

Read | ThomasAdam Thomas was in attendance and witnessed a variety of presentations from professionals discussing the importance of content creation, implementation and distribution whilst also discussing software choices available and the interoperability between them.

Regulations and guidelines were also a big topic of conversation back in July, which Adam touched upon in his blog: “Central to the perspectives on the creation, distribution and management of content were the round table discussions concerning industry standards. It turns out that the UK and Australian standards and have raced ahead of North America and we have a lot of catching up to do. But the challenge in North America (and particularly in the US) is trying to manage 50+ state-level regulations and guidelines. It’s likely impossible to create a standard that will satisfy all these conflicting interests.”

Furthermore, a debate on how BIM can be utilised as a competitive advantage ensued at the event, and Adam transcribed a summary of that talk topic. He clarified: “Does content create a competitive advantage? Some people strongly expressed this to be the case and are averse to letting “their” content out of their control.

“Meanwhile the majority of people believed that content itself was not the competitive advantage – but rather the ability to leverage the content in the proper way to save the project time and money.”

To read Adam’s complete blog, read it over at the bimstore US website.

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