BIMcrunch named official Media Partner to Build New York Live competition

Credit: Build New York Live
Credit: Build New York Live

Following the success of Build Newcastle Live, a second Building Information Modelling competition that will pit several design teams from across the globe against one another in a monumental 48-hour challenge will take place in 2015. Helping organisers Asite along the way will be us.

BIMcrunch are delighted to announce that we have been chosen by Asite to act as an official Media Partner to Build New York Live, the latest event under the Build Earth Live umbrella.

Each Build Earth Live contest sees teams collaborating from around the world with one another tackle an objective to design a new building to be digitally erected for a specific piece of land. Whilst the winning project will not actually be built in real life, the competition is all about showcasing how crucial BIM can be for reasons such as improving efficiency. With only 48 hours to complete the task, one thing you have to be is efficient!

“BIMcrunch have acted as Media Partner to many industry conferences and we are so excited to add such a dynamic competition as Build New York Live to that list,” stated BIMcrunch Editor, Jack White. “We have witnessed the Build Earth Live brand grow over the last few years and we are delighted to be a part of its continued rise in popularity.

“We look forward to showcasing some of the fantastic teams that will take part in Build New York Live and bring you all of the latest news in the run-up to the competition.”

Asite’s Marketing Executive, Lisa Murphy also commented on the partnership. She added: “Build New York Live is delighted to welcome our new media partner, BIMcrunch. As one of the main reporters on BIM developments in Europe, BIMcrunch will be on hand to deliver insights into the teams and the competition developments of Build New York Live.

“We are excited about BIMcrunch’s involvement as their in-depth coverage on the competition will give observers a new perspective on this globally recognised contest.”

Build New York Live begins on September 21st, 2015. For additional information on the event, view the promotional image below.


For more on Build Earth Live, visit their official website and Twitter account. Asite can also be located on social media here.

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