BIM “triples the horsepower of solving problems” for New Zealand-based engineers

Credit: Stockvault
Credit: Stockvault

The New Zealand Herald has cast a magnifying glass over Building Information Modelling, and the benefits its usage has enabled a civil engineering firm to achieve in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Hawkins Infrastructure are utilising BIM on upgrades to streets in the Wynyard Quarter, public walkways that will be regenerated into “tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly connections”.

“Traditionally, the work has come to us after the design and we are already committed to the solutions,” explained Hawkins’ Northern Regional Manager, Dan Williams.

“We may dig down and find the services – pipes, ducts and cables – in the wrong places, and they clash with existing utilities. This takes time and extra cost to sort out. We can develop a method in a virtual environment before the shovel is put in the ground. We can pass over existing services, don’t have to go near gas mains, and there’s less disruption to the ground.

“The workforce is more efficient because they have a virtualisation of the plan rather than having to thumb through pages and pages of one-dimensional drawings.”

Early collaborative working is as a core strength of the Wynyard Quarter work, says the firm’s General Manager, Rory Bishop: “Bringing the parties together triples the horsepower of solving the problems and issues – and the planning and construction is at a higher level of detail. You get greater certainty in the outcome, and the cost and time involved can be reduced.

“The parties knew what we were building and how we were building it. It made stakeholder engagements a lot easier,” elaborated Williams.

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