Audio Exclusive – Kath Fontana: “If your EIRs are wrong, the rest of it is fruit from a poison tree”

Credit: UBM
Credit: UBM

Following our first clip last week, we are today releasing a second preview of our Crunch Time interview with BAM FM‘s Managing Director, Kath Fontana who will feature in the audio series’ first facilities management themed episode.

Kath’s full length chat with BIMcrunch Editor, Jack White will arrive on the site this Friday (August 7th, 2015) and the two discuss topics ranging from main factors that have curbed BIM development for facilities managers, what necessary steps should be taken to involve the FM industry at an earlier stage in projects, encouraging women to work in construction and ensuring that young people are engaged with BIM so that the work the current generation of professional have carried out is not forgotten.

In the preview below, Jack gets Kath’s thoughts on how facilities managers actually get themselves integrated in projects at an earlier stage, and whether it is they who initiate involvement or clients. Kath believes that “there is a sticking plaster of competent consultancy required but the longer term solution has to be proper procurement all linked together with all phases of the lifecycle of the building”.

Listen to the second snippet of this week’s Crunch Time below. The complete audio will hit BIMcrunch on August 7th, 2015.

Kath made the news earlier today when she was confirmed to speak at this year’s Digital Construction Week.

Two of Kath’s colleagues at BAM FM, Reid Cunningham and Tracy Scott, have taken part in BIM Brunch and Best BIM Bad BIM respectively in recent months. If you wish to read those interviews, click here and here.

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