Adrem’s BIM For Small Practices (Part 2) detailed, David Miller confirmed

Credit: Adrem
Credit: Adrem

Following their breakfast event with BIM4SME‘s Robert Klaschka back in May, architectural recruitment consultancy Adrem have announced details of the second even in the BIM for Small Practices series.

BIM For Small Practices (Part 2) will take place on September 9th at the DreamSpace Gallery in London and will feature a guest presentation from David Miller, Director of David Miller Architects. The success his practice have had since utilising Building Information Modelling has been well documented, and this intimate event will allow for delegates to listen to David’s story.

The main topics to be discussed at the free event are listed below:

• Structuring an office around a customised BIM workflow
• Leveraging efficiencies to underpin investment in R&D
• Embedding BIM workflows into a Best Practice Management System
• Approach to training and continuous upskilling
• External measurement and validation
• Business performance metrics

Adrem’s Specialist BIM Recruiter, Jason Claxton, gave us further insight into the event and what delegates can look forward to: “In the series of BIM for Small Practices talks, we’re aiming to dispel some of the myths surrounding BIM adoption and provide real evidence and accurate information on why it is something smaller architecture practices need to consider.

“In our next talk David Miller will be discussing his own experiences as a small practice adopting BIM and the benefits he has now since his BIM journey began several years ago. This is a valuable talk for architects who want to understand how they can enhance the efficiency of their practice.”

To register your place for the event, follow this link.

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