WATCH – The B1M explain Common Data Environments in new video

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M, Mervyn Richards

The latest video from Building Information Modelling video channel The B1M has been released and explains all there is to know about CDEs, or Common Data Environments.

CDEs are the best way to ensure that all partners working on a project are able to share accurate, relevant and the most up to date information to one another, ensuring that everyone involved knows not only what each other is doing, but also to ensure that they are doing it right and to schedule.

Normally behind the camera, one of The B1M’s Founders Tom Payne steps in front of the lens and he conducts a confident visual explanation of common data environments. Whether a project server, an extranet or a cloud-based system, CDEs are crucial to ensure BIM projects run collaboratively and are featured in Level 2 BIM standard PAS 1192-2, as referenced in the clip.

The video explains that once the client’s Employers Information Requirements (EIRs) are established, the project teams are then appointed and perfect their graphical and non-graphical data. Once completed, these individuals groups transfer their work into the shared area.

“The employer or employer’s agents approves and signs off information before moving it to the published”, explains Tom. Following this step, specialists can get involved and data can also be archived for future use by parties such as asset managers.

Watch the explanatory video below.

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