WATCH – Just what exactly is a BIM Model? The B1M provide THE definitive explanation

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Another Wednesday, another informative video from The B1M!

Following Tom Payne‘s first appearance in-front of the camera last week, his business partner Fred Mills is back before the lens and explains exactly what a BIM Model really is. The term “BIM” does not refer to a BIM Model, and a 3D Model is also something different. If you were in any way confused before, now you will have the answers you need.

In short, a BIM Model is the combination of graphical and non-graphical, as opposed to just graphical data which is what is referred to as a 3D Model. When this link is established, components within the graphical data will have all relevant information attached to them, instead of just being a visual object.

“The digital information contributed [by project partners in a CDE] could include specifications, schedules, performance requirements, programs, cost plans … and of course, some drawings,” explains Fred in the clip.

“The non-graphical information is linked to the graphical 3D model. When you explore or click on different parts of the 3D representation, you’ll be able to access the information about it. When you hear people say BIM Model, this is what they mean.”

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