Oasys Software to conduct free MassMotion seminar in Singapore

Credit: Oasys Software
Credit: Oasys Software

The software sub-division of Arup Group, Oasys Software have announced their intent to deliver a free seminar and offer a day of training related to their MassMotion crowd analysis platform.

The events are set to take place in Singapore at the Suntec City Guild House from September 7th – 8th. The seminar will take place on Day One with the training commencing the following day. Interested parties can select to take part in both events or individual ones separately, so if you can only make one of the days, then you are in luck!

Day One is a free opportunity whilst Day Two’s training will come at a cost in order for you to boost your skills after learning the basics at no additional cost the previous day.

Singapore is seen as a global leader in relation to BIM adoption and having has experience promoting their product throughout the UK, this trip for Oasys is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase hot pivotal MassMotion can be for testing the safety of BIM models.

To learn more about the opportunities and how you can apply, click here.

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