Latest video from The B1M explains Level of Definition

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Unsure what LOD stands for? Confused about terminology surrounding the level of information or LOI in your Building Information Model? Acronyms are used rather often in the world of BIM (BIM itself is one) and with so many to learn and get your head around, our friends at The B1M have explained the latter mentioned pair in their new video explaining just exactly what the term Level of Definition means.

The B1M’s Tom Payne explains that the amount of non-graphic data developed in a Common Data Environment is known as Level of Information (LOI) and is accurately linked to the graphical data known as Level of Detail (LOD). Together, this data forms the Level of Definition of a BIM model.

The video follows clips from the last fortnight explaining what BIM Models and Common Data Environments are. To view this week’s video, watch below.

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