Germany’s think project! launch ‘comprehensive BIM package’

Credit: think project!
Logo Credit: think project!

German cross-enterprise collaboration cloud solution think project! have developed a new comprehensive BIM package that themselves and their partners will utilise to best manage BIM projects.

The official press release notes that “the package features modules for managing digital building information models in a centralised, version-safe manner” combining models and documentation. This new solution can also be used to easily review 3D models via internet browser.

The package has been split into three modules names BIM Coordination, BIM Exchange and BIM Review, a model that is the result following months of research by the think project! team. think project! and their partners will now use this system when working collaboratively on a BIM project.

According to the announcement, the modules are explained as follows:

• BIM Exchange allows even large-scale building information models to be organised in the central project documentation in a version-safe manner. In BIM Exchange, not only are the digital models managed transparently but also the workflows for distributing, revising and approving these models are supported and documented.

• BIM Coordination offers a variety of options for combining digital building models from different project participants (partial models) and linking them with associated 3D markers, comments and other project documents such as plans.

• BIM Review allows 3D building models from all project participants to be visualised, checked and used directly in their internet browsers.

Discussing their work on the package, think project! Business Development Manager for BIM Sven-Eric Schapke stated: “Over the past few months, we have been working intensively on the final design of our solution for BIM Collaboration.

“We are delighted to have now created a comprehensive package that allows BIM to be implemented project-wide. It was especially important to us that clients and contractors retain authority over information concerning their model data, optimise their processes through BIM Collaboration and can get the most out of BIM.”

Click here to view the news article from think project!’s website.

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