Exclusive: David Philp comments on the formation of CITA BIM Hubs

Credit: UBM
Credit: UBM

Just under a fortnight ago, the United Kingdom‘s BIM Task Group rewarded the remarkable, collaborative efforts of Ireland‘s Construction IT Alliance by including their BIM Group members into the official collection of Regional BIM Hubs.

BIM professionals championing for greater use of the technological process in the Republic now have their chance to share their expertise and experiences with those in the UK as part of the CITA Eastern Ireland BIM Hub, the CITA Southern Ireland BIM Hub and CITA Western Ireland BIM Hub.

We reached out to the Head of BIM at the BIM Task Group, David Philp for his comments on welcoming CITA’s members into the official fold. He told us exclusively:

“The BIM Task Group and the CITA team have been working closely together since inception, supporting each other’s journeys and both have the same goal of a Construction sector which takes full advantage of current and emerging Information and Communications Technologies.

“We have greatly enjoyed participating in the events CITA have organized such as the Gathering and their efforts to raise awareness and get BIM moving in Ireland. The CITA Regional Hubs is another great move to helping our industry shift into a digitized and innovative sector. BIM is very much about collaboration and we look forward to working with our friends at CITA to help industry make this significant step change.”

For those who missed it, ‘The Philpster’ recently conducted a presentation on Level 3 BIM in the UK at BIMnet, a speech that was captured on The B1M‘s cameras.

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