Crunch Time: Tom de Plater

Tom de Plater Crunch

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members professionally, as well we as personally when they answer fun questions against the clock.

Crunch Time today welcomes its first Australian interviewee, Peddle Thorp and PRECOG‘s Tom de Plater. The architect discusses getting his start in the industry and his passions for utilising virtual reality technologies with Building Information Modelling. Tom also talks industry events, the role of universities in BIM study and of course, he has fun answering the quick-fire Crunch Time questions.

Listen to the interview below.

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