BRE Academy working with BRANZ to deliver BIM training in New Zealand

Logo Credit: BRE
Logo Credit: BRE

New Building Information Modelling training set for New Zealand has been hailed as critical to accelerating the introduction of BIM in the country.

BRE Academy – part of BRE Group – are set to collaborate with research, testing and information company BRANZ. The latter will as a host partner to deliver BRE-style training. BRANZ are also working with the New Zealand Government, advising them on BIM implementation, and this partnership with the BRE is set to increase their stance as supporters.

Pauline Traetto, Director of BRE Academy stated: “We are delighted to be working with BRANZ to deliver a BIM education programme which is specifically tailored to meet and support adoption of BIM in the New Zealand market. At the BRE Academy we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our science based content and knowledge to meet specific local market requirements. I look forward to working with BRANZ, now and in the future, to understand how the education programme has benefitted and enabled the execution of BIM within the sector.”

This news marks as yet another example of how the BRE are distancing themselves as a leading business within the BIM sphere able to conduct a variety of services. In addition to BIM training, BRE also provide BIM accreditation, with their Global Badge of Compliance given out to a few practices as of late.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the BRE Academy and BRANZ to deliver this training in New Zealand,” explained Andrew Reding, spokesperson for the New Zealand Productivity Partnership and Chair of the New Zealand BIM Acceleration Committee. “It is an opportunity to bring international knowledge and expertise to New Zealand and increase the understanding of the benefits and application of BIM among building industry professionals in this country.

“While BIM adoption is rising quickly in New Zealand, high-quality training will enable us to further raise awareness of BIM and encourage its adoption among a wide range of industry professionals.”

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