BIM4M2 host Twitter Chat – Is BIM right for me?

Credit: BIM4M2
Credit: BIM4M2

With the UK Government’s Level 2 BIM mandate looming and already talk of the Level 3 strategy, there is an ever-increasing pressure over the heads of product manufacturers to have their product lines created in Building Information Modelling format so that they can increase their revenue and capitalise on a digital revolution that is taking place.

Is BIM right for everyone? A Twitter chat held today by BIM for Manufacturers, aka BIM4M2 looked to address that dilemma for contemplative parties.

When asked whether sourcing BIM objects from a content creation platform or in-house is the best path to take, the panel including Tata Steel‘s Steve Thompson and Wienerberger‘s Tim Clark were unanimous in that outsourcing services will help to get companies started, but in the long term, having BIM skilled employees in-house will be what is best for business.

What advice would these early adopting figures have for wannabe BIM embracers?

The event aforementioned by Steve – ‘Help with the Journey’ – will take place at the Building Centre two weeks today. Click here for more.

Make sure to read the entire transcript of tweets from today’s Twitter chat via BIM4M2’s official Storify.

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