BIM4M2 host ‘Help for the Journey’ event, launch new BIM4M2 Compass tool

Credit: BIM4M2
Credit: BIM4M2

London‘s Building Centre was home to a hugely successful ‘Help with the Journey’ event hosted by manufacturer-championing BIM group, BIM4M2.

The #BIM4M2help event was praised for its wide selection of speakers and talk topics that over 100 delegates were lucky enough to listen to. For those who didn’t attend or wanted to yet couldn’t make it, then we have all the latest news from the fallout of the event.

The biggest news relates to the launch of three brand new ‘tools’ that BIM4M2 have devised to ensure that their stance as an incredibly helpful portal is certainly kept up. Their main tool is the BIM4M2 Compass, a free-to-use platform that will explain how likely BIM is to impact on a manufacturer’s business. Currently a spreadsheet, the Compass will evolve into a web-based station with live updates in the future. The format of the tool will see users be asked a series of questions relating to their product and “provide a realistic assessment of the level of BIM adoption across a range of market sectors”. Manufacturers will then receive an ‘M2’ score that will indicate what the next steps should be in their ‘BIM journey’.

Other tools launched were ‘How Do I Do It?’ and ‘Learn More’. The former is a three-step process that goes hand-in-hand with the Compass. Once the Compass has been completed, HDIDI is a series of informative brackets that will give advice for implementing BIM in a manufacturer’s company. Finally, Learn More is a master collection of documentation that will help steer users on the right direction after they have completed the Compass and got their heads around how to do BIM.

In addition to the tool releases coinciding with the event, the seminar itself featured discussion of a wide variety of topics, with one of the most interesting relating to choosing the right package to get a manufacturer started. What objects should you create and to what level of detail? Do you create them in-house or get support from a content creation business? All of that was discussed and more, as can be seen from our round-up of tweets from during the event below.

For more information on BIM4M2’s latest tools, click here to visit the BIM4M2 website. Make sure to follow the group on Twitter too for the latest information.

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