BIM Brunch: René Schumann

Credit: HOCHTIEF ViCon
Credit: HOCHTIEF ViCon

BIM Brunch is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner break. Featuring some major players from the #GlobalBIMCrew, BIM Brunch is an interview feature where industry specialists talk about their passion for Building Information Modelling amongst other topics of conversation.

René Schumann, HOCHTIEF ViCon‘s International Operations Director talks to us about designing his home with his wife, swapping business economics for working in the construction industry, and developing software as a student that ended up being purchased by HOCHTIEF!

What is your favourite career related website/blog?

I do not have any specific website or blog. I try to get information from different sources depending on the market. I regularly use, of course BIMcrunch, and Construction Week, MEED and some other regional websites to get the latest market news.

Do you have a favourite industry book, magazine or publication?

Not really. I tend to search for interesting articles around BIM, case studies and projects independently from magazines.

The top industry event you have recently been to is?

BIM Show Live and the BIM User Day in the Middle East; both events provided pretty impressive presentations. The level of BIM education and experiences of the delegates were amazing and ahead of other events where I presented or joined as a delegate.

Favourite Twitter handles to follow?

I am personally not that active on Twitter. I trust my team members to filter the right information and to keep me updated.

What is your all-time favourite building?

That is a difficult question. I know many grand and innovative buildings from different centuries. Perhaps, at this point of time, I like my own house most. We finished construction in April this year. It was designed by my wife and me and we are proud of the design and enjoy every moment living in it.

What is your favourite project you have worked on?

My favourite project is the Lusail City Project in Qatar. It is not only amazing in terms of size, it is as well a project with a clear BIM vision from design and construction to the long term city operation.

What was the first BIM related project you have been a part of and what did you learn from the experience?

I started using BIM in 2003. In my first project, there was only a 3D Model and a 3D Visualisation. It was used for a better communication of the design draft and to sell the project to the market. The project was located in Germany and it was supported by a R&D initiative.

The most exciting possibilities Building Information Modelling can offer are?

Connecting all project stakeholders on one digital platform throughout the lifecycle of a facility. This will change our entire industry and the way we work.

Who or what made you want to work within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector?

I started to study business economics for one year. After that, I decided to do something that delivers a product at the end. I was always technically oriented and therefore I ended up within the construction industry. I still believe it was the right decision for me.

What is your proudest career highlight?

Not easy to say but I think; when I was a student, I had developed a software for site management. HOCHTIEF saw it, bought it and offered me a job. I have had a couple of other interesting achievements later on but this one had the biggest impact and changed my entire life.

What is the best part about your job?

I can work flexibly and innovatively. Doing something new that nobody else has done before is a very good motivation for me. My responsibilities within HOCHTIEF ViCon allow me to travel and to work internationally which brings the one or other adventure for me as well. My team is very creative, young and dynamic. Everybody is new in the field of BIM which makes it interesting.

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