Audio Exclusive – Kath Fontana: “I don’t think the question is ‘Why BIM for FM?’ It’s how and when”

Credit: BAM FM
Credit: BAM FM

Just over one week today (August 7th, 2015), the first facilities management themed edition of our Crunch Time audio series will hit the site, and we were delighted to chat to Kath Fontana about utilising BIM for those tasked with maintaining a building once its has been built.

BAM FM‘s Managing Director spoke to BIMcrunch’s Jack White about the main factors that have curbed BIM development for facilities managers, what necessary steps should be taken to involve the FM industry in projects at an earlier stage, encouraging women to work in construction and ensuring that young people are engaged with BIM so that the work the current generation of professional have carried out is not forgotten.

Regarding the positives relating to utilising a BIM Model for FM practice, Kath told us: “I think this has been a well-worn path that people have trodden; I don’t think the question is ‘Why BIM for FM?’ It’s how and when that’s the real question now. It’s a no-brainer that we should do it, it’s just people getting their heads around how to do it.”

Listen to Kath’s full response to that question in the snippet below.

Two of Kath colleagues at BAM FM, Reid Cunningham and Tracy Scott, have taken part in BIM Brunch and Best BIM Bad BIM respectively in recent months. If you wish to read those interviews, click here and here.

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