Audio Exclusive: John Foster discusses Topcon’s BIM case studies with BAM, Balfour Beatty

Credit: Geospatial Media
Credit: Geospatial Media

Later this week, our latest Crunch Time interview will hit the site, and will feature Topcon Position Europe‘s Business Development Manager for BIM, John Foster as our guest.

John met with BIMcrunch Editor, Jack White at GeoBIM 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, and the pair organised a chat following their initial meeting to discuss Topcon’s exciting BIM-related developments, including partnerships with top brands, names that “are the type of companies that people follow”.

These relationships and the pilot projects following as a result are being documented by Topcon, with findings set to be released online later in the year. In the Crunch Time snippet below, Foster explains what Topcon aim to achieve from working on these case studies with companies such as Balfour Beatty, BAM, Skanska and TBI.

Listen to the clip below. The full interview will be available from our homepage later this week.

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