Audio Exclusive: First BrisBIM, then MelBIM… is SydBIM next?

Credit: Tom de Plater
Credit: Tom de Plater

Later this week, our audio interview series Crunch Time will welcome its first Australian interviewee, Peddle Thorp and PRECOG‘s Tom de Plater. The architect discusses getting his start in the industry and his passions for utilising virtual reality technologies with Building Information Modelling.

Tom is also a BrisBIM Committee Member and discussed being a part of the team behind that successful platform. Since BrisBIM took off in Brisbane, the MelBIM conference in Melbourne has been formed and is gaining major popularity. In a preview of this week’s Crunch Time, Tom discusses the BrisBIM brand and the possibility of a SydBIM event that may soon launch.

Listen to Tom’s comments on the Australian BIM conference scene in the snippet below.

This week’s Crunch Time will air one day earlier than usual, and is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday July 9th, 2015. Make sure to follow Tom on Twitter in the meantime.

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