Arth Designbuild India: “Remove the need to have contingency money in case of errors”


An Indian design consultancy has described BIM as “the future of the construction in India”.

In an interview with publication The Hindu, Swapnil Sahu of Arth Designbuild India called for Indian companies to stop putting aside 510% of their budget used to solve problems as a result of human error and use it instead for maintenance to the building throughout its lifecycle. How do you drastically cut human error? Utilise BIM.

“[BIM] is a parametric modelling software, which cuts out lot of human errors from the end product,” explained Sahu. “Human errors are widely accepted in construction, which is usually between five to ten per cent. What this means is that some money is kept in contingency for that.

“[BIM] visualises everything and comes up with a detailed plan. In India we don’t keep in mind lifelong costs of maintenance and other problems that come up in the long run. [This] is where we remove the need to have contingency money which others keep in case of errors.”

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