WATCH – The B1M release final #SocialBIM video starring Su Butcher

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The fourth and final instalment in The B1M and Just Practising‘s #SocialBIM video series was released earlier today.

Starring Su Butcher, the seven minute and 14 second clip features a broad range of social media platforms and how they can be perfectly utilised to engage the public and end-users with building design and operation.

“You wouldn’t for example walk into a room full of people, read out your press release, leave and then let them carry on having a conversation about you behind your back. You just wouldn’t do that,” explains Su in the video.

“That is exactly what construction companies are largely doing with social media. We need to move ahead from that because as you have probably realised by now, social media is about people having conversations, not about broadcasting. We are more intelligent than that and we need to think more about how we can use the process to bring benefit to our organisations and societies as well.”

Citing social media channels and software past and present such as Second Life, Stickyworld and the “LinkedIn for buildings” – Honest Buildings, the video is a really insightful final chapter in the influential series and showcases how certain social elements can be injected into BIM projects, which are all about information and the way people share it.

Watch the video below. To view more from The B1M’s archive, you can visit The B1M Portal hosted on BIMcrunch.

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