WATCH – Periscope video of Fred Mills’ CONSTRUCT//DISRUPT presentation

Credit: BaseStone
Credit: BaseStone

Earlier today, we published an article looking some post-event photography content from BaseStone‘s acclaimed construction event, CONSTRUCT//DISRUPT. More from the event is now accessible as The B1M have released footage of their Founder’s presentation at the event.

Fred Mills discussed the utilisation of social media and video during his talk, explaining how the medium of the latter visual form can encourage a new generation of education and inspiration for the AEC industries to engage with, whether the subject be BIM or something else entirely.

Filmed via Periscope, the live-streaming video app for Twitter, the clip captures Fred’s presentation in full, with Fred explaining that the game has changed and with YouTube videos receiving 4 billion views a day, AEC businesses and professionals need to do more with this potential audience to initiate change.

“If we as an industry can get this right, and we can understand how our built environment is performing, we can build a better built environment for our customers, we can help them see better results, and we can help mankind take a more responsible approach to building on planet Earth”, explained Fred in the video.

“It’s never a lack of resources, it is a lack of resourcefulness. In my opinion, that is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people.”

View the video for yourselves below. #FredMillsForPrimeMinister may start trending as a result of people watching it we think!

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