Institution of Structural Engineers release BIM Conference 2015 videos

Credit: Institution of Structural Engineers
Credit: Institution of Structural Engineers

The Institution of Structural Engineers have released seven new videos of presentations conducted at their 2015 BIM Conference.

Over three and a half hours worth of Building Information Modelling related information is available free for anyone who registers to their official website.

The event where the videos were filmed took place in late April and featured participation from BAM, Beale & Company and NBS to name just a few of the companies represented. Topics included BIM insurance risks, the Digital BIM Toolkit and offsite manufacturing.

In the opening address conducted by Tony Bassett of ECS, “Do we need it?” was the question asked regarding BIM, and his speech definitely evokes plenty of thought processes. He said:

“BIM done properly and not thought of as just a modelling exercise but as a philosophical approach to the way you run your projects relies on the whole team collaborating to produce data that is then turned into information and turned into knowledge. So I’d say yes, we need BIM.”

Click here to sign up to view the presentations. More information on what the videos contain can be found here.

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