“Important alliance” to “remove significant barriers” formed between Autodesk and Leica Geosystems

Credit: Autodesk, Leica Geosystems
Credit: Autodesk, Leica Geosystems

A technology behemoth and a laser scanning supremo have announced their “important alliance” that will see them combine their respective strengths to streamline workflows and develop new methods of working and software related to reality capture and Building Information Modelling.

Autodesk and Leica Geosystems will bring together “each company’s respective innovation and expertise in hardware and software” as part of the new alliance that will lead to improved BIM-to-field layout solutions. According to Spatial Source, it is expected that multiple new joint ventures will be released from the firms as a result of their collaboration.

Juergen Dold, the President of Hexagon Geosystems, Leica Geosystems’ parent company said: “These developments mark the beginning of an important alliance between two technology leaders in the AEC market, bringing together each company’s respective innovation and expertise in hardware and software.

“Customers and resellers will benefit from having access to a broader range of options for reality-capture and field layout at a time when the construction industry is growing and adopting 3D solutions. This collaboration removes significant barriers for professionals seeking to implement streamlined workflows based on the highest-quality, most reliable data and empowers them to use the best tools for each application.”

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What do you make of the agreement? What specifics would you like to see Autodesk and Leica work on?