HVAC installers across Europe take survey: Which country are leading the pack?

BIM Model. Credit: Hoare Lea
BIM Model. Credit: Hoare Lea

Dutch marketing consultancy USP have conducted a survey issued to HVAC consultants in six European countries assessing their BIM competency for their latest European Mechanical Installation Monitor report.

Cooling Post has the story on 1,200 professionals in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and the UK being questioned on their familiarity with and usage of BIM, with Dutch professionals being more aware of BIM and implementing it on more projects.

France and Germany were trailing the rest of the countries surveyed, yet the results showcased that French HVAC installers that are aware of BIM are more proactive in actually implementing it than those in Belgium, Germany and Poland.

Despite the UK Government’s BIM mandate, only 6% of those who take part in the questionnaire are utilising BIM, with near 110% more unaware of the technological process.

Client demand was also scrutinised, with only the Dutch stating that they are getting BIM requests, and only 1/5 of them are seeing those demands.

Click here to view all of the data found as a result of the survey.

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