Gradual rise in FM engagement with BIM the talk of latest thinkBIM


The second thinkBIM event in a row focusing on Operations and Maintenance has resulted in a high number of facilities managers turning up to the event yet also engaging on social media.

Taking place at Leeds Beckett University, the event drew a large group of first-time attendees to a thinkBIM stop on their calendar. Speaking at the event were Integral UK‘s Mark Whittaker and Martin Ward of Styles & Wood Group.

The main discussion coming out of the conference was that 50% of the audience were facilities managers, an amount that was considered a huge result as often facilities managers and their role in a project lifecycle are overlooked when BIM data and documentation are gathered by other parties taking part in the build.

To read a selection of reactions to last night’s thinkBIM, view our social media comment collection below. Alternatively, for more on thinkBIM, visit their official blog or interact with them on Twitter.

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