Gaming BIM discussion and more set for June’s BrisBIM gathering

Credit: BrisBIM
Credit: BrisBIM

Gaming technologies and their utilisation to aid BIM visualisation will be just one of the topics discussed at the next BrisBIM event later this month in Australia.

BrisBIM is a brand that hosts free conferences for Building Information Modelling enthusiasts every two months in the Brisbane area and was the predecessor to events such as MelBIM.

The next gathering commences at 5:30pm on Wednesday June 24th, 2015 and features a forum discussion as well as three expert speakers delivering presentations. Representatives from architecture firm Peddle Thorp and Queensland University of Technology will discuss the use of gaming engines for BIM and ‘Putting the BIM bits together’ respectively.

Regarding the former, speaker Tom de Plater is also Director of a company named PRECOG who use gaming platforms to turn BIM models into interactive virtual environments, so his expertise in that field will certainly be drawn upon for his presentation.

For a full look at the event schedule and to sign up, click here. Follow BrisBIM on Twitter here.

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