Exclusive – Anne Kemp: “[If you] stay in the paper-based world, you won’t be around in 5-10 years time”

Credit: The Sunday Times
Credit: The Sunday Times

Next Monday (June 22nd, 2015), Vice Chair of buildingSMART UK, Anne Kemp will be the latest interviewee in our Best BIM Bad BIM interview series. Similarly to an interview conducted with Malcolm Taylor of Crossrail, BIMcrunch Editor Jack White‘s interview with Anne was an audio special recorded at the GeoBIM 2015 event held in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the chat, Kemp – who is also Director of BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins – discusses various elements of her career, such as her role at the aforementioned design and engineering consultancy, her promotion within buildingSMART and what projects she has worked on so far in that position.

On top of that, Anne discusses BIM best practice she has witnessed first hand and she also discusses what some businesses in the industry are lacking and how they can turn their fortunes around.

In the exclusive preview clip below, Kemp explains that businesses who fail to adopt BIM simply won’t be around in five or ten years time as their competitors utilising modern technological processes relating to data management will win all available work.

Listen to Anne’s comments below in the Best BIM Bad BIM preview. Her full interview will be published in a week’s time.

For more on Anne, follow her on Twitter: @ACKEMPO

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