Director of Laing O’Rourke on property sector: BIM “a key tool” to transform our cities

Credit: Tom Higgins
Credit: Tom Higgins

The Director of engineering giants Laing O’Rourke has called on the UK‘s property sector, particularly in the North West, to embrace the digital future by implementing Building Information Modelling.

Tom Higgins has scribed a guest column for Manchester Evening News and he directs the property sector to “get serious about the potential of digital technologies to transform our cities”. He says that BIM will be “a key tool” in ensuring Manchester are as cutting-edge in construction as they are in other fields such as gaming and communications. He thinks taking inspiration from those other areas will lead to overcoming “the challenges we face”.

Higgins says: “The world Laing O’Rourke and many of our clients are increasingly inhabiting integrates gaming technology into the way we design, build and operate developments – helping us attract and retain a more diverse talent base, people seeking careers in a more technological environment than the traditional construction industry.

“Presented with the opportunity to become the Northern Powerhouse, we need to acknowledge the challenges we face – and take inspiration from other sectors in how to meet them.”

Higgins also discusses the benefits that utilising BIM will bring: “A digital approach to property also has far reaching benefits for clients and end-users – information-rich virtual models of proposed, in-construction and operational buildings aide more accurate procurement and help developers understand how to maximise the value of their assets over their entire lifecycle,” stated Higgins.

“It also helps to break down barriers by visually illustrating complex build process and associated risks – meaning increased confidence for investors.”

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In other Laing O’Rourke news in recent months, it was announced that the firm will carry out BIM implementation for a wastewater plant refurbishment yet have pulled out of the bidding process for a Midlands hospital.

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