Details surrounding next GreenBIM event on July 1st announced

Logo Credit: Green Vision/thinkBIM
Logo Credit: Green Vision/thinkBIM

GreenBIM is set to return for a half-day conference on July 1st in Leeds.

The popular collaborative event hosted by Green Vision and thinkBIM will run from 13:00 to 17:30 at the start of the next month.

thinkBIM tweeted the following:

Discussion will follow the recent trend of thinkBIM’s evenings relating to Operation & Maintenance, with a particular reference to COBie. Bill East, the owner of one of the UK‘s leading authorities on COBie, Prairie Sky Consulting will be a guest speaker at the event.

According to the official announcement, Mr. East will be “presenting on this game-changing schema [COBie] for exchanging data that is a fundamental plank of the UK Government Level 2 BIM strategy.”

Other talk topics will capitalise on the rise of facilities managers attending thinkBIM events and will look at recycling construction phase data and how that practice can be of major benefit to the #FACMAN.

To sign up for the event (registration costs £50), click here.

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