CanBIM Executive Director discusses Toronto conference success, future developments

Canada BIM Council 3

The Executive Director of the Canada BIM Council has discussed the record-breaking number of attendees at their recent Toronto Regional Session as well as upcoming developments in the industry group’s future.

Gerry Lattmann described the recent conference as “spectacular on many levels” and complimented the Canadian industry on the “maturing” level of expertise they are showcasing in utilising BIM in various fields.

“My overall feeling is that the sessions were spectacular on many levels. The fact we had so many presenters talking about their products and services, I believe there was a lot gained by the attendees. I believe we had something to offer everybody. We even touched on BIM for civil, which is maturing.”

Lattmann also gave details on CanBIM’s upcoming, new website and he also teased more regarding the National CanBIM Awards. He elaborated: “To put a stamp on BIM in Canada, we thought a BIM awards [evening] is appropriate and we are the organization to do it.

“It’s perfectly up our alley in that we are representing the practitioners, who we are certifying. If we are going to be advocating for BIM, we should be awarding for it as well.”

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