bimstore Brief for May 2015: New manufacturers include David Clouting, Flexiform

bimstore Brief 2

The UK‘s original BIM content library bimstore had a busy month of May that saw two brand-new companies join the popular source for 3D modelling products.

Surface materials supplier David Clouting and office furniture aficionado Flexiform are the latest duo of manufacturers to join bimstore and have their content created in detailed manufacturer-specific BIM format. When architects specify manufacturer content earlier in the process, potential errors with replacing generic content are nullified and design decisions on which products to choose don’t have to be made at a later date when efforts may be focused on other tasks.

Flexiform were perhaps the most unique addition last month as not many furniture brands are currently on bimstore. Over 20 families of pedestals, screens, storage solutions and more are included in their first wave of content meaning there is a lot of scope for inclusion in your architectural models.

Four existing manufacturers also boosted their offering on the site – Cubicle Centre, Fabricated Products and Forbo. The former were recently featured in a documentary video filmed by The B1M.

The fourth and final was AluK, and they revised some of their existing content on the site in addition to adding seven new listings to download.

For more information on all of the manufacturers mentioned in the bimstore Brief for May 2015, click the following respective links to take to you to the official website of each: AluK | Cubicle Centre | David Clouting | Fabricated Products | Flexiform | Forbo

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