BIM Voice – Quadra Solutions: What’s stopping you from starting?

Credit: Quadra Solutions
Credit: Quadra Solutions

BIMcrunch has become a platform for a plethora of elite industry names to become guest writers on the site and share their thoughts and opinions with the #GlobalBIMCrew. Quadra Solutions today address issues that may stop businesses from investing in BIM, plus they give guidance on why professionals should stop “dragging their heels” and how they can help companies become BIM-enabled.

As the industry moves forward, so are many companies with their BIM projects and pilots. There is however, still a reluctance to embrace the technology, with many companies dragging their heels. Less than a quarter of building services contractors and consultants are currently using products with full BIM information. Many small and medium-sized firms can be reluctant to take the next step, but the benefits are not just for the big boys.

Time savings?

There are many articles written about the advantages of BIM, but most state that the biggest driver is time savings. With all designs being held in one file, it is easy to streamline boring and repetitive tasks, allowing AEC professionals to spend less time managing documents and more designing and constructing.

But how will it change the day-to-day? Hand renderings are an extremely time-consuming, expensive activity. By using interconnected design, these crucial pre-tender documents are easier to produce and require less effort, experience and time, resulting in design concept images that not only look good, but can also be used to generate drawing sets.

Which project?

Many firms will claim they are waiting for the “right job” to come along before implementing BIM. Any project that includes elevations, sections and schedules are perfect for a first BIM project. A dry run with a small, already completed project is always a good idea, minimising errors and risk before attempting a live project.

More opportunities?

It’s a fact! – BIM helps organisations win more work. Healthcare, Education and publicly-funded projects, will also require BIM. Even when clients don’t require the use of BIM, being able to demonstrate the ability to use BIM gives an organisation a competitive edge.

Cost concerns?

There is a common misconception that BIM applications are expensive and affordable only for large firms. This is no longer the case with “LT” versions of Revit and the opportunity to purchase desktop subscriptions, which can be rented for short or long term projects. A 2013 McGraw-Hill Construction report noted that firms that had adopted BIM experienced a positive ROI, 36% reporting an ROI of over 25%.

Why wait?

The efficiencies and benefits to be derived from BIM adoption are well-publicised. But why not tell us, what’s stopping you? As a leading provider of Autodesk software, we at Quadra Solutions have the expertise to advise you on your move to BIM. Our experience, coupled with our knowledge of software, training and technical issues make us the perfect partner for your BIM plans. For more information about the services we provide please contact us at or 01254301888.

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