Aconex and Autodesk talk BIM with Sydney Morning Herald

Logo Credit: Aconex
Logo Credit: Aconex

Australian publication the Sydney Morning Herald has published a new article looking at Building Information Modelling.

Infrastructure Development Executive with Autodesk Australia, Brett Casson and Chief Executive at Aconex, Leigh Jasper discussed the “ground-breaking” process with the newspaper, with boosts to productivity and breaking silos are key reasons to utilise BIM.

“We can visualise things we are not able to do with drawings. The third dimension helps us avoid design problems; it reduces risk,” explained Casson.

Casson also discussed the use of drones on-site, technology that is definitely seeing a major increase in use: “When that drone flies, it captures imagery, that imagery creates an orthoimage, and looks at the analytics of what’s happening on-site at any point of time,” he said. “Using our technology, they create a 3D model of that site. At any point in time, they can feed back into the design model.”

Jasper commented on how construction workers are now knowledge workers with so much information instantly at their fingertips. He said: “The construction worker is now a knowledge worker. Collaboration, mobility and BIM are all linked.”

To read the article in full, click here.

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