WATCH – “Why Social Media for AEC?” The B1M release first #SocialBIM video with Su Butcher

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Building Information Modelling multimedia experts The B1M have released the first episode in a four-part video series looking at the benefits utilising social media correctly can have on Building Information Modelling adopters.

The inaugural edition of #SocialBIM is now live and it features Su Butcher, one of The B1M Inspirers. The Founder of Just Practising is a Social Strategist and will share her knowledge of effective social media use across all four instalments.

Su ensures that social media is not just as people posting videos of cats; it can be the perfect way to connect with fellow enthusiasts around the world, get an answer to your question any time or the day and can mean you attend events without leaving the office.

“In your normal working life you may be able to meet up with a small number of people every week,” says Su in the video. “With social media, you can find people all over the world and have conversations with them and ask them difficult questions online at any time of the day or night.

“It can become a very efficient way of doing business.”

Elsewhere in the video, Su discusses common misconceptions of social media, the importance in live-tweeting events, learning that it is a case of “what you do with the tool rather than the tool itself” and accommodating for Generation X who will soon be entering the industry.

Watch the informative clip below. You can also view other videos from The B1M’s portfolio by visiting The B1M Portal page on BIMcrunch.

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