WATCH – Orangebox discuss benefits of BIM, their journey to 2016 compliancy

Credit: Orangebox
Credit: Orangebox

Orangebox, the first UK furniture manufacturer to provide open source BIM files, have released a new video looking at the benefits of Building Information Modelling, the importance of including as many types of professional as possible in a project lifecycle with the BIM process and their own journey into BIM adoption.

The video spans near to five and a half minutes in length and features fun graphics that look at BIM benefits such as being parametric, clash detection to reduce design costs and more. A notable positive that the video addresses is that BIM is a process that facilities managers can get on-board with and utilise to provide a major advantage to their workflow.

“It’s so important to engage designers, contractors, suppliers and facilities managers so they can adopt the best practices and use the best products,” notes the clip.

“All this clever working is great news for everyone on the planet. The carbon impact of the construction phase is only 20% of its lifespan’s footprint. It’s day-to-day life contributes that fourfold at 80%. The use of better design, accurate calculations, collaboration and fewer wasted materials all lead to a better place to live.”

Speaking of better, viewing Orangebox’s promotional video will definitely have a positive impact on any viewer. To watch, click play below.

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