Too many BIM standards? “Learn from others who have faced similar challenges”

Credit: INVIEW labs
Credit: INVIEW labs

Director of Technical Solutions & Revit Instructor at INVIEW labs, Parley Burnett has urged the industry to “learn from others who have faced similar challenges” in relation to the formation of Building Information Modelling standards.

The Montana, United States-based BIM implementation strategist published a blog post where he discussed the monumental amount of published BIM standards.

Upon undertaking research, Burnett has found that there are 75 official BIM standards worldwide – a lot to keep up with. Whilst Parley believes that there is nothing wrong with standards being created, everyone “attempts to be THE standard” and information within them needs to be “made with the intention of improving a process or workflow” and should not be confused with best practices or simple truths.

He had the following advice:

1. Better collaboration with the BIM Platform Developers. You have needs. Instead of molding your needs to fit the tools given you, focus your efforts on influencing the tools to fit your needs.

2. Better collaboration between designers and manufacturers. Designers: please stop complaining that manufacturers give you junk content and focus that energy instead on helping them understand your needs. They have been improving but could indeed use some feedback.

3. Learning from others who have faced similar challenges. Let’s face it. There are many ‘best practices’ that folks confuse as being ‘standards’. I argue that there are simply some ‘TRUTHS’ with BIM. These are solutions that everybody with equal experience with a common problem can agree on. These things need to be exposed, published and talked about.

To read Parley Burnett’s complete blog post (and we suggest you do!), click here. Follow Parley and INVIEW labs on Twitter by clicking their respective names.

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