Teesside University tout Knowledge Transfer Partnership success with Ryder Architecture

L-R: Teesside University's Nashwan Dawood, KTP Associate Omar Toppani. Credit: The Journal
L-R: Teesside University’s Dr. Nashwan Dawood, KTP Associate Omar Toppani and Ryder Architecture’s Peter Barker. Credit: The Journal

Following successful BIM-related Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Colour Urban Design, a move that led to the hiring of BIM2050 Group member Henry Fenby-Taylor, Teesside University have publicised their latest UK KTP success story with Ryder Architecture.

Omar Toppani‘s work with Ryder and their BIM consultancy and research centre BIM Academy has lead to major success for Ryder. Toppani has been conducting research into BIM for facilities management, a field that BIM Academy set up its own sub-division for.

The latest KTP is the third between Ryder and Teesside University, with all three helping enable Ryder to win contracts in Australia and Hong Kong.

“From Ryder’s perspective, the KTP has really helped to broaden our services, not just in terms of designing the client’s building but also having the potential to deliver reliable information about the building for the operational stage,” said Peter Barker, Managing Director of BIM Academy.

“It’s really helped to increase our awareness of BIM’s capabilities and, jointly with BIM Academy, given us the chance to work on some really exciting projects and helped us to talk to some very significant clients. At the moment only a small proportion of building projects are using BIM for facilities management, so there is huge scope out there.”

KTP Associate Tapponi also commented to The Journal, stating: “The project has allowed me to look into lots of different ways in which BIM can be implemented. One particularly interesting aspect is the use of BIM in conservation and heritage projects.

“But we’re looking at all sorts of different ways in which we can take BIM data and provide additional functionality.”

Teesside University’s KTP with Colour Urban Design led to Henry Fenby-Taylor – the KTP Associate during that agreement – being chosen by the Landscape Institute to commission a book on BIM for landscape architecture.

Meanwhile Ryder Architecture announced their trans-continental BIM alliance with i2C back in February. The joining of forces will see Ryder and BIM Academy open offices in Australia and also have links in China.

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