Techno India University and Tekla India sign BIM research ‘Memorandum of Agreement’

Credit: Tekla
Credit: Tekla

Tekla India have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with a top Indian educational establishment with the two set to team up to boost the adoption of BIM and increase the skill level of Indian students.

Techno India University‘s Structural & Civil engineering course is to now include Tekla software within the curriculum as part of the deal. The use of Tekla Structures in classrooms will enable the software juggernaut and Techno India University to share “best practices in the use of BIM solutions on buildable design and constructability and ultimately proliferate the adoption of BIM” for research purpose that will benefit both.

“By working with Tekla we can provide our students industry-relevant skills and experience in Building Information Modeling, which is a crucial skill set,” explained COO of Techno India University, Sujoy Biswas. “As the industry increasingly aims for higher productivity and minimizing errors, more organizations are adopting BIM for the design and construction process, thus creating a large demand for BIM professionals. Further, looking towards the future, the adoption of new technologies such as BIM is expected to contribute towards Techno India University’s goal of raising productivity in construction.

Tekla India’s COO Nirmalya Chatterjee also commented on the agreement, stating: “At Tekla, we want to educate the next generation of our workforce. As these students from the eastern part of India graduate, they have BIM skills when they enter the workforce. With this growing talent pool from Techno University, Kolkata’s infrastructure industry will develop over the next few years. We see this as an investment that will bring bigger advantage for the industry.”

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