Prescient tout implementation of their software on Colorado hotel project

Credit: Business Wire
Credit: Business Wire

Hyatt House, a new hotel complex based in Lakewood, United States, is being developed using Prescient‘s “patented structural system and proprietary BIM software” as revealed in a press release.

“An ideal construction solution for hotels and other multi-unit buildings up to 12 stories” is what Prescient bills their solution as, a method that also ushers in 35% cost savings.

The Colorado-based hotel is a 96,000 square foot, 135-room development and the construction of its structural core could be cut by 50% due to the utilisation of Prescient’s BIM platform.

“It’s exciting that we’re now adding hotels to the growing list of building types constructed using the Prescient system,” said Prescient’s Founder, John Vanker. “This includes luxury apartments, affordable senior residences, military facilities and more to come. Prescient is in a rapid growth period right now with interest coming in across the nation from developers, architects, engineers and construction companies.”

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