Perth’s Central Institute of Technology utilises BIM on 6* GreenSkills building

Credit: Central Institute of Technology
Credit: Central Institute of Technology

TAFE (Technical and Further Education) centre Central Institute of Technology have built western Australia‘s first Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) six star-rated public GreenSkills building.

The aforementioned building in Perth is a teaching facility for students very much affiliated with the green credentials of the space itself, environmental monitoring and technology students.

Building Information Modelling was utilised to increase the efficiency of the building, which according to Science Network Western Australia, is “not only energy and water efficient, but has lower operating costs”.

“The advantage to using this technology [BIM] is that the efficiency of a building can be determined prior to construction and architects/engineers have the opportunity to incorporate improvements and changes to the design to achieve the best possible outcome,” explained Ann Bona, Central TAFE GreenSkills Centre Facilities Manager.

The building, built by Woodhead with AECOM acting as consultants, will allow students to also learn about the BIM process in an upcoming course.

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