Official BIM Show Live 2015 Gallery from UBM updated

Credit: UBM
Credit: UBM

Over 150 images have been added to UBM‘s official gallery detailing the events of BIM Show Live 2015.

Several images from the after party to the United Kingdom‘s most popular Building Information Modelling conference have been added to the collection, as have pictures from the entrance area where several BIMcrunch readers may appear discussing the event with their peers!

The majority of the new snaps are taken from individual presentations that took place at the event. New photographs of Bernadette Lord, David Philp, James Pellatt, Marina Machado and more are new additions to the set.

Click here to view the revised gallery.

We also compiled our own gallery of images from BIM Show Live, and that collection can be located here.

This news follows reviews of the event from the likes of Adrem and Mabey Hire.

Did you find yourselves amongst the photographs?