Léon van Berlo: The UK “have really made a statement that BIM is very important for the industry”

Credit: Léon van Berlo
Credit: Léon van Berlo

Later this week, BIMcrunch’s Crunch Time interview will feature Léon van Berlo, one of The Netherlands‘ finest Building Information Modelling researchers and the man in charge of BIM Research and Development at TNO.

Léon’s presentation on IFC at BIM Show Live 2015 with Arto Kiviniemi was voted the best of the entire conference due to the rich content contained within it coupled with the laidback and engaging style in which it was delivered. Léon’s presence at #BSL2015 caused many professionals to ask him questions and on Friday, we will be picking his brain some more with queries relating to his career, his thoughts on UK BIM adoption from an outside perspective and his position as Founder of the Open Source BIM Collective.

In the preview snippet embedded below, van Berlo interestingly states that businesses in the UK are not often collaborating with Dutch firms at all, yet he believes that different countries creating their own unique path isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He also discusses how far the United Kingdom has come under the direction of the BIM Task Group. Léon believes that the UK “have really made a statement that BIM is very important for the industry”, an inspiring statement that “is very good for the rest of the world to follow”.

Press play below to listen to the preview clip. The full Crunch Time interview will arrive on May 29th, 2015.

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