Latest Irish Building Magazine: DPW, Hussey Fraser, Varming Consulting talk BIM

Credit: Irish Building Magazine
Credit: Irish Building Magazine

The second issue of Irish Building Magazine of 2015 once again features a mountain of Building Information Modelling-related articles from all standpoints such as engineering, legal, procurement, safety and more.

Varming Consulting Engineers have found BIM success and credit internal workshops plus feedback sessions relating to industry events. Their Chief Executive James Kavanagh said: “This [model] facilitates two way feedback, knowledge sharing and provides encouragement. As with most things in business I think one of the key issues to success in the implementation of the BIM process into the business is recognising the importance of encouraging, supporting and empowering people and then acting on this.”

Hussy Fraser Solicitors talked about BIM protocols being inserted into the PWC suite of contracts: “The adoption of BIM and other collaborative tools now could address some of the difficulties inflicted on the industry and the Irish economy by the PWC suite of contracts.

“The inclusion of the CIC Protocol within the PWC suite of contracts could facilitate a move in this direction sooner rather than later and allow the contractual risks to be allocated and managed in a more reasonable manner.”

Elsewhere, Headcount Engineering discuss the link between point cloud data and BIM, a pairing which can “solve major problems”. Their ‎BIM Development Director Shawn O’Keeffe stated: “Headcount Engineering has particularly identified that, with the rapidly increasing use of BIM for design, construction, and FM, an opportunity has arisen to solve major problems by aligning TLS point cloud data with the BIM model.”

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