Craig Sewell talks GreenBIM: Manufacturers “not always [providing] relevant data”

Logo Credit: GreenBIM
Logo Credit: GreenBIM

Cubicle Centre‘s Brand and Marketing Director, Craig Sewell has taken to his official blog to discuss five ‘take-aways’ from the recent GreenBIM event hosted by Green Vision and thinkBIM.

Sewell conducted a presentation related to his recent blog post on why specifiers may be currently ignoring certain brands of manufacturer Building Information Modelling content, and how these companies can cross that barrier and have their content noticed.

File size of BIM objects is a crucial piece of advice that Sewell wanted to make; ensure the objects you create/have created only feature relevant information: “Don’t hinder projects with objects that have massive file sizes or information that isn’t relevant,” noted Craig.

Kye Rooney – BIM Apprentice at East Riding of Yorkshire Council – made a super point: Don’t go crazy with the 3D!”

If manufacturers are struggling with what kind of data they should include in their components, how to understand the level of information (LOI) necessary was explained by Sewell. He explained: “When it comes to Level of Information (LOI), what specific data do Facilities Management (FM) need? Manufacturers can provide COBie data, but does this meet FM and client requirements?

“The client or FM should drive this. It would be good to have a manufacturer / FM discussion about the data at a future thinkBIM event.”

Food for thought right there. So much so, the next thinkBIM event takes place tomorrow, and the topic? BIM for Facilities Management. The next GreenBIM conference has been announced for July 1st, 2015.

To view Craig’s summary in full, click here. To view our Twitter round-up/recap of the event’s proceedings, follow this link.

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