Canada BIM Council framework “a tiered, progressive certification” for individuals and companies alike

Logo Credit: Canada BIM  Council
Logo Credit: Canada BIM Council

More information has been revealed regarding the Canada BIM Council‘s national certification framework.

The plan to implement a system to allow individuals and companies in Canada to gain recognition for their Building Information Modelling adoption and prowess was announced back in October, yet until now, it was unaware how the initiative would take shape.

CanBIM’s Research and Education Committee Director, Pietro Ferrari commented the progress of the program recently at the Ontario General Contractors Association Construction Symposium.

“We’ve established it (the certification) based on what industry users tell us that they want people to be able to do to be effective for what they need BIM to do,” noted Ferrari.

“Our CanBIM certification program now is basically a tiered, progressive certification in place for individuals and we will be doing the same for companies.

“This certification program is about making sure we’re nurturing the industry with those healthy components that are the users.”

Professionals and practices can become certified at various levels via a four-tier system. The second highest honour – CanBIM BP3 – is when a candidate has completed the prior two levels, in addition to the possession of a “recognized degree in a relevant building-related discipline plus three years (6,000 hours) of relevant experience or a recognized diploma in a relevant building-related discipline plus five years (10,000 hours) of relevant experience.

The fourth and final level will see the individual become CanBIM CP, or Certified Professional.

For more information on the framework, click here.

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