bimstore present Client Update regarding future: “The quality of our content is unchallenged”

Credit: bimstore
Credit: bimstore

BIMcrunch were guests at a bimstore Client Update on Wednesday that saw 20+ manufacturers receive the latest information on the future of bimstore, the services they provide and how those changes will positively impact the promotion and distribution of the products of their clientele.

Whilst the event was held to explain how manufacturers can increase their level of downloads by utilising new and upcoming bimstore-branded services, it was also crucial that the attendees gave their honest feedback on bimstore’s future plans to ensure that they thought they would be of use.

With other Building Information Modelling content creators such as National BIM Library and BIMobject announcing various new projects and collaborations over the last few months, bimstore used yesterday as a way of explaining that they have so many projects in the pipeline too, all of which differentiate them from the competition.

The United Kingdom‘s original BIM object library was first on the scene and after yesterday, it is clear to us that they are certainly first in developing the most remarkably innovative and unique tools for their customers to utilise too.

Ermintrude Feat

The future-projecting event was opened by bimstore Director Rob Charlton. Rob was passionate about the future of not only bimstore, yet also the content creation platform’s parent company Space Group. The synergy across the entirety of the Space Group family will positively impact both all of the companies under Space’s umbrella, yet it will also ensure that bimstore manufacturers’ content is distributed further than ever before.

Whilst we can spill some beans, information we heard regarding that plan of connectivity has to be kept under wraps. What is for certain though is that bimstore manufacturers got a taste of what is to come for them across the next decade, opportunities other content creation platforms simply do not supply.

Guests then shared their views on the industry and were encouraged to let the bimstore team know about their lives as manufacturers and problems they were seeing in the industry, as well as what they have achieved thanks to their BIM adoption too. One lady noted that she has seen benefits regarding specification since starting her foray into BIM whilst a gent discussed his frustrations regarding a lack of fabricators getting on-board with BIM.

Regarding industry, the NBS-led BIM Toolkit project was praised by bimstore and their manufacturers alike, yet one attendee at the event criticised the way that that toolkit has been marketed.

bimstore Specifi 1

Following a debate on manufacturer-specific versus generic content, bimstore’s Head of Content Kris Atkinson was next to take to present. Kris looked at the promises to manufacturers from the last Client Update and how bimstore have delivered on them.

The website is now quicker than ever before following the release of bimstore 3.0. Creating the site again from the ground up and adding new features has enabled it to run 11-times faster.

The strength of Specifi, bimstore’s mobile specification tool was promoted next, with the guests positively engaged with the benefits of the app.

bimstore Eye was perhaps the most well-received feature of the entire day, as manufacturers got a taste of the mountain of benefits that the Augmented Reality service can provide. More information on that can be found here.

Adam Ward 6

bimstore Founder Adam Ward was the final speaker to address those in attendance, and he looked to the future of bimstore. Whilst some information is off limits for us to announce, we are able to disclose some very intriguing developments.

The first major piece of news was the announcement of bimstore Australia, a move that will send shockwaves ‘Down Under’. bimstore understand the importance of capitalising on the global BIM market in the #BIMANZ region and are already liaising with manufacturers at the other side of the world. An official launch date has not yet been confirmed but the news that bimstore is the first UK-based BIM library to offer services in another country is an exciting development enough!

Another behind-the-scenes feature for manufacturers soon to be launched is bimstore Push, a initiative that will enable manufacturers to bid against one another for the chance to have their products featured at the top of feeds relating to the most popular search terms. That feature – that is aimed at being fair to all bimstore customers, and was well received – will launch in the Autumn.

All-in-all, it appears that the future for manufacturers looking at starting their BIM journey is bright, and it is definitely orange yellow.

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