bimstore Brief for April 2015: New listings from Moduflex, Reliance Water Controls & more

bimstore Brief 1

The month of April was certainly a busy one for bimstore, the UK’s original Building Information Modelling library.

Three existing bimstore companies updated their portfolios with additional BIM objects, whilst two new brands uploaded their components to Ermintrude’s roster of manufacturer-specific content. On top of those additions, a trio of new bimvids were also made available, video clips that allow bimstore site visitors to enjoy installation walkthroughs via bimstore’s YouTube channel.

The first of the triple-threat of new manufacturers are Reliance Water Controls. Advanced water control devices are what Reliance does best, and now a pair of new valve families are available to download.

New listings can also be inserted into your BIMs courtesy of Moduflex. The Hybrid Shelving System and System R – High Density Mobile Storage Solution are unique types of object on bimstore and are compatible with Autodesk Revit.

Three companies already featured on bimstore have updated their content collections too. Bailey, Hamworthy Heating and Noberne have boosted their offerings, with an astonishing 39 new listings coming from the latter!

Instructional bimvids courtesy of Lloyd Worrall, Profile 22 and Spectus are new to view, with the visuals showcasing door systems and windows respectively.

“April has been a super busy month for bimstore and there are no signs of slowing down as we move into May,” declared Joanna Marshall, Marketing Coordinator for bimstore. “Not only have we had new manufacturers joining us this month but there has been significant updates from existing manufacturers, and these are just what we’ve announced – there are many more in the pipeline!

“Our apps bimstore Eye and Specifi have received great feedback this month and manufacturer content is constantly being added to these. Watch out for our next bimstore competition which will be launched during May!”

For more information all of the updates to bimstore, click here to take you to their news section.

Watch the bimvid for Profile 22 below.

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