BIM4M2 and Barbour Product Search talk Product Data Templates

Credit: Barbour Product Search
Credit: Barbour Product Search

Following their first successful collaboration in February, building specification portal Barbour Product Search have teamed with industry group BIM for Manufacturers (BIM4M2) for another Twitter chat featuring questions from others on social media.

David Rich and Paul French are members of BIM4M2’s Product Data Template Working Group who took part in the discussion. The pair are respective staff members at Lafarge Tarmac and British Gypsum, both whom are companies who have their products created in BIM format. These two have been on a ‘BIM journey’ and were ideal candidates to share their expertise.

The Q&A featured ten official questions from Barbour whilst those following the #BIM4M2chat hashtag could also have their questions answered. Whilst some confusion was to be expected, many questions were answered succinctly, with excellent knowledge being shared in relation to the difference between BIM objects and PDTs and how PDTs fit in with the Digital BIM Toolkit.

Take a look at our social media feed rounding up parts of the Q&A below.

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